For a couple of years there, we believed that the tablet was dead! There was a period when just Apple and Samsung made tablets that merited anything. Nonetheless, while the tablet market isn't precisely thriving, we're seeing more organizations put more exertion into their sections.

Poco just made its introduction to the tablet market. I was offered the chance to audit the Poco Pad, so we should check whether this tablet merits the cash.

A considerable lot of us in the versatile tech world have some familiarity with the Xiaomi Poco brand and its importance. This is a brand that emerged from the entryway swinging with the Poco F1.

Poco Pad coming soon: Company confirms tablet and all details revealed -  India Today

That telephone was brandishing the most remarkable Snapdragon SoC of the year alongside other leader specs for a measly $300. This was a genuine Leader Executioner back in the age when that term was going all out. All thus, there's the assumption that its items will share this mindset.

All things considered, I as of late surveyed two telephones that maintain the Lead Executioner name. First and foremost, there's the new Poco F6 (Audit). This is a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3-fueled excellence of a telephone. It's an incredible telephone with a delightful plan, pleasant speakers, smooth execution, and other astounding qualities. It begins at $399.

Following up, there's the Poco F6 Pro (Survey). This is the further developed form of the Poco F6 with a strong Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, up to 1TB of stockpiling, a ravishing premium plan, incredible execution, a strong camera, and other extraordinary viewpoints. It's an astounding telephone to get at the beginning cost of $499. Thus, we should check whether the Poco Cushion is a legitimate expansion to this family.

Poco Pad Review: Design

As far as this tablet's plan, there's not a lot to discuss. I need to concede that a large number of the tablets that come out don't actually have eminent plans. Most tablets these days share a comparable stylish. There's a sad need to make tablets as different as telephones.

You're bound to take your telephone out with you, so there's to a greater degree an opportunity that individuals will see it. In any case, tablets are intended to remain at home. You're not actually wanting to intrigue individuals while watching Moana on your lounge chair.

Poco Pad Review: Design

Thus, the plan of the Poco Pad isn't actually anything to think of home about. It matches the stylish of the vast majority of different tablets available. I got the dim colorway, and it has a kind of class to it. It's not intended to be conspicuous. The tablet is intended to radiate an appearance of incredible skill.

The Poco Cushion has a moderate plan with a unibody that covers the back and the casing. To the extent that marking goes, the main text on the back is the Poco marking at the upper left of the tablet.

On the opposite side, we see two pretty huge camera modules. As I would see it, they appear to be quite huge, however they truly do assist with giving the tablet a more extraordinary look.

As far as plan, I have no bad things to say. I don't anticipate that the organization should accomplish something wild and shocking with the plan since there's a sad need to. The plan is decent for what it is.

Poco Pad Review: Build Quality

As far as the form quality, I feel that Poco conveyed a positively constructed gadget. At the point when I get it, I don't get the feeling that I'm holding a modest gadget. First and foremost, it's a really robust tablet. There's a respectable measure of weight to it. The sort of weighty tells you that it was made with quality materials. It doesn't feel burdensome or lumbering.

With respect to the materials, Poco decided to involve a metal unibody for the tablet, and that loans to the general inclination in the hand. It feels decent snatching a metal gadget as opposed to a plastic one.

Poco Pad Review: Build Quality

Besides the fact that it feels decent, however I likewise get the feeling that I'll have the option to involve it for a long while. You never need to utilize a gadget that feels like being broken in a year or two is going.

I played out a slight twist test on this tablet, and, similarly as I expected, there was a tad of flex to it. Since tablets are a lot greater than telephones while staying as flimsy, they're a lot simpler to twist. Adding a touch of power to the tablet from both the front and back, I observed that there was most certainly a provide for it, so you'll need to be mindful so as not to sit on it. Quite possibly's it could twist.

I likewise tuned in for any squeaks or different sounds, and I heard a couple. It wasn't terrible, yet I for the most part heard them from where the casing of the tablet met the glass.

This doesn't imply that this is an ineffectively constructed tablet. It's only one of those areas where Apple and Samsung tablets show why they cost such a lot of cash. You wouldn't genuinely hear these squeaks from an iPad or System Tab. Regardless, the Poco Cushion is as yet a very much constructed tablet.

Poco Pad Review: Display

A major piece of the tablet experience (both metaphorically and in a real sense) is the showcase. Many individuals purchase tablets to consume media, so having a pleasant presentation can be represent the deciding moment for certain clients.

With considerably more costly tablets, you can expect splendid OLED shows. On account of the Poco Cushion, the organization picked a less gaudy board and went with a common LCD show.

Poco Pad Review: Display

Nonetheless, there are tablets out there like the OnePlus Pad and the System Tab S9 FE that have wonderful LCD screens. Thus, we should see where this tablet's screen falls. Very much like with the Poco F6 series, it's a piece extreme to judge this show since it has a few choices to modify it. There aren't however many customizations similarly as with the F6 telephones, yet there are a couple.

There are three variety immersion modes that you can browse. There's the Standard mode which gives you more regular tones and the Distinctive mode which consequently changes the variety immersion in view of the substance you're watching.

The last mode is the one I'll utilize, and it's called Immersed. This will push the showcase to its most elevated immersion setting. Individuals are bound to utilize this setting, so I'll pass judgment on the screen by this setting.


Getting going with the splendor, the Poco Cushion's screen can get up there. It's more than splendid enough for indoor use. I involved the tablet in a few splendidly lit indoor conditions, and I was as yet ready to see the screen with next to no issues.

At the point when I went outdoors, I was as yet dazzled with the brilliance. With more seasoned screens, I shiver to consider how brilliant daylight destroyed the review insight. On account of the Poco Cushion, I was as yet ready to see the screen pretty well in the splendid daylight.

I concede that this isn't the most splendid screen available, yet I was as yet ready to see the tablet's screen in the daylight easily. This included exploring the connection point, utilizing applications, and messing around. I had the option to see everything on the screen serenely. In the event that a screen can finish the daylight assessment, it's a success in my book.


As far as the tones, I believe that this is a very decent entertainer. I've seen a few LCD boards produce colors that are fundamentally comparable to OLED boards. Indeed, the Poco Cushion doesn't have one of those presentations. In its Soaked mode, the varieties really do look pretty punchy for a LCD board. I feel that blues get a decent pop.

In any case, as far as generally immersion, I feel like the presentation finds some kind of harmony among soaked and boring. The varieties are on the punchy side, and they truly do make for some pleasant visuals.

I was as yet ready to appreciate watching motion pictures and different recordings on the showcase. It's a decent looking board, don't misunderstand me, yet you shouldn't actually anticipate that it should knock your socks off.

There are extra settings that permit you to change the variety temperature of the screen. You can utilize these settings to additionally cater your survey insight as you would prefer.


Could it be said that you are a pixel peeper? Try not to be embarrassed! This is a tablet with a wonderful looking screen; a decent goal would just improve the experience. The Poco Cushion has a QWXGA show with a goal of 2560 x 1600. This gives the tablet a pixel thickness of 249 PPI.

Clearly put, that is a fair goal for this tablet. It's over two times the goal of 1080p, and you'll need to have the additional pixels assuming you anticipate watching content or gaming on it.


The Poco Pad has a by and large great showcase. It has fair brilliance, decent varieties, and a decent goal. Take those with the 120Hz invigorate rate, and you have a great review insight. I wouldn't agree that that it's the most amazing aspect of this tablet's insight, yet it's not terrible using any and all means.

Poco Pad Review: Speakers

Tablets have all the more land for bigger speakers. Therefore a few tablets have truly astounding speakers. There are a few tablets I've utilized that I simply use rather than a Bluetooth speaker; the speakers are great! The Poco Cushion flaunts a great four speakers. How do these speakers perform?

Poco Pad Review: Speakers

I tried these speakers utilizing a bunch of test pieces. Every one of these pieces was intended to complement a specific part of the tablet's sound. These are the Clamor, Bass, High pitch, Vocals, Equilibrium, and Drenching. I likewise by and large utilized the tablet, so I'm not just passing judgment on the speakers on the test pieces.


One thing I referenced in both my Poco F6 and Poco F6 Master surveys was the way that they weren't especially clearly. Indeed, the equivalent is valid with the Poco Cushion. It's bounty boisterous for individual and indoor use. Once more, you're bound to utilize your tablet at home, so the speakers are ideal generally.

Notwithstanding, at their most noteworthy volume, I observe that they're somewhat peaceful contrasted with different tablets that I explored. At their most elevated volume, I would have preferred somewhat more punch. In the event that you're outside or in an uproarious climate, you'll surely experience difficulty hearing the speakers on this tablet.