At Information Systems Europe 2023 in Barcelona, Lenovo revealed a new solution aimed at helping people interreact largest at home and in the office: ThinkSmart View Plus. Powered by the Qualcomm QCS8265 chipset, this integrated device runs Microsoft Teams as a standalone 27-inch multi-touch exhibit with premium video, audio and whiteboarding features. Three people in an office having a meeting with others shown on a display With Microsoft Teams Display, users can wangle a secure and flexible Microsoft Teams experience, which provides wangle to Teams chat, timetable and files. With this feature, they can join meetings through the device and screenshare between their PC and the ThinkSmart View Plus to simultaneously squint at content and presenters. With ThinkSmart View Plus, employees can smoothly transition from their home office to their work office with a customized Teams wits via hybrid work solution tabbed hotdesking – permitting IT admins to manage their workspaces. Hotdesking allows them to quickly reserve flexible workspaces to touch lanugo and make calls, sign into their personal Teams account, and wangle their meetings, chats and more. After users sign out, their personal information is removed from the device to minimize security risks. Woman in a mini-office conducting a video meeting Explore big ideas together on this device with a stylus pen and a whiteboarding application. Users can moreover hear and be heard increasingly unmistakably with a premium soundbar with two 5w speakers and four-mic array, while the 4K IRGB camera with wheels framing and AI security delivers crisp, well-spoken images. Another utterance Lenovo made was the availability (in select markets worldwide) of the ThinkSmart One, the world’s first Windows-based collaboration bar. Unveiled in 2022, the integrated collaboration solution, which can be used freestanding or mounted to monitors or a wall, was designed for small to medium meeting rooms or defended home office spaces. Powered by an embedded 11th Gen Intel Core processor with vPro technology, it supports video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, and includes eight microphone arrays with reverberate and noise cancellation, 15-Watt stereo speakers and an integrated high-resolution camera with wide field of view. Find out increasingly well-nigh these and other Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions that work with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms.