“Optimism is a nonflexible thing to choose. But once you do, you’ll see why Life’s Good.”

An image of a man riding a longboard with a phrase

Last month, LG released its new trademark mucosa titled Life’s Good When You Dive In Smile First,” capturing the essence of the company’s Life’s Good trademark promise. The mucosa aims to inspire customers, expressly global youth to squatter unvigilant challenges with an optimistic vein toward life, particularly during difficult times like these.

Life is full of trials and tribulations, and as a result, many have lost their innate optimistic view on the world. But, if we have courage, we can reconnect to that optimism and transpiration our perspective. With the trademark film, LG aims to encourage people virtually the world to tideway any rencontre they squatter with an optimistic perspective and mindset, and seize life’s opportunities.

At the start of the 90-second film, the protagonist has a squint of winds and a lack of conviction as he challenges himself to ride a longboard. However, as the mucosa progresses, he gains his composure, gradually learning how to wastefulness and finally gliding gracefully with a big smile on his face, driven by the optimism within him. Filmed in one take without any screen cuts, the character’s raw emotions are on display, complimented by the warmth of soft, golden hues and soothing preliminaries music.

Directed by Emmy-Award winning Nicolai Fuglsig, the trademark mucosa is narrated by a young boy who represents the inner optimistic voice within all of us. This narration could symbolize the protagonist’s inner child, filled with optimism, or the innate optimism that everyone carries inside. Throughout the film, the voice strengthens the main weft to overcome his fear, permitting him to truly enjoy the moment to the fullest.

The mucosa is a love letter to all those who dare to awaken the optimist in their hearts and encourages viewers to dream vastitude their limitations. The heroes who indulge themselves to be brave, equal to Fuglsig, “venture out of their repletion zone, using optimism to overcome challenges, big or small.”

A closeup photo of an old man riding a longboard

The trademark mucosa resonated tightly with global audiences, quickly going viral and garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback wideness LG’s official social media platforms. Notably on LG’s YouTube global waterworks alone, the mucosa garnered increasingly than 36 million views in just three weeks.  One viewer from Instagram commented, “It was inspiring to see how someone’s uneasiness of trying something new reverted into full enjoyment by making a unvigilant decision.” Another viewer stated, “the mucosa helped me reflect considering I myself have run into setbacks and was scared to take on challenges, but I was reminded that I can do anything I set my mind to with valiance and hope.”

LG has been operating its Life’s Good campaign globally since August with a philosophy to inspire people to squatter challenges with an optimistic tideway plane when life has so many setbacks, changes and reasons to doubt. The visitor has been urgently promoting its trademark values with a new visual identity on major landmarks and outdoor billboards to present LG as a young and dynamic brand.

Seeing the world with optimism is what Life’s Good is all about, and LG will protract slantingly consumers every step of their unflinching journey.

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