LG Celebrates the Decade-Long Journey of webOS With Immersive Experiences From
the Upcoming Masters of the Air on Apple TV and Increasingly Heady Content

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) welcomes visitors to the company’s diner at CES 2024 with a wealth of entertaining and dazzling experiences through the webOS zone. Building on its legacy of showstopping installations on vivid self-lit OLED displays, LG’s Home Entertainment Visitor continues to redefine itself as a media and entertainment powerhouse. The webOS smart TV platform breathes life into immersive visuals and inspiring narratives, aligning with the company’s visionary transformation.

Thanks to the numerous OLED displays, the attention-grabbing webOS installation engrosses visitors in the world of infinite entertainment, each moment enlivened thanks to LG OLED’s unrivaled picture quality and unique form factors. This captivating wits highlights LG’s transferral to pushing technological boundaries and providing the ultimate entertainment experience.

An invitation to explore the world of entertainment powered by webOS platform, the webOS Zone treats guests to an wide-stretching hodgepodge of video clips from a diverse range of genres, sourced from content partners. Among the highlights is an sectional wits of ‘Masters of the Air,’ the highly-anticipated action-packed epic series from Apple TV , produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. The compelling series preview teases viewers with breathtaking visuals and an explosive, dynamic soundscape. ‘Masters of the Air’ premieres exclusively on Apple TV on January 26 and will be misogynist to watch on LG Smart TVs via the Apple TV app.

With impressive visuals and spellbinding storytelling, audiences will be enchanted by the live-action reimagining of ‘The Little Mermaid’ now streaming on Disney , a story of a trappy and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure, brought to life by filmmaker Rob Marshall. Superb cinematography on OLED displays transports viewers to the seashore, with waves gently lapping at the feet and soothing sounds of the ocean in the background.

Attendees can visualize a mesmerizing exploration of space with heady clips from the ‘Rebel Moon’ Netflix series, released last December, and a sneak peak of the highly predictable series, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ from Paramount . Offering an enthralling glimpse into unexplored planets and otherworldly landscapes, the videos promise unprecedented encounters with intricate space battles and the cosmic frontier.

The webOS Zone moreover presents imaginative stories that are sure to rivet venture lovers. Scenes from Prime Video’s ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ invite spectators to step into the epic landscape of Middle-earth and finger the irresistible voodoo of sweeping action, harrowing journeys and the rise of one of the greatest villains of all time: the Dark Lord Sauron.

What’s more, fans of fighting games will be delighted with a prune of Tekken 8, set to be released on January 26 by Bandai Namco Entertainment and expected to be one of the weightier games of the genre this year.

Established in 2014, LG’s webOS platform has emerged as a global leader with its incubation into one of the most widely used smart TV platforms, with a continuously expanding user base. Boasting a compelling selection of content for LG Smart TVs virtually the world, the visitor delivers an wide-stretching hodgepodge by maintaining valuable partnerships with increasingly than 3,500 content providers. LG’s decade-long transferral to fostering strong relationships with streaming service partners has enhanced the home entertainment wits for millions of customers worldwide.

LG is defended to upholding its leadership position in the realm of viewing experiences with technological advancements and content curation. Through the ongoing incubation of webOS, LG strives to enrich lives by providing customers with infinite entertainment and uncounted inspiration.

LG’s weird webOS zone will be on show at CES 2024 from January 9-12 in the company’s diner (#16008, Las Vegas Convention Center). For increasingly information on LG products unveiled at CES 2024, please visit CES 2024 Press Kit.

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