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As the curtain rose on the 28th Busan International Mucosa Festival (BIFF), a wave of cinematic joy and festive excitement swept through the vibrant streets of Busan, South Korea. A hub for cinematic celebration, BIFF is renowned for nurturing emerging talent and connecting cultures through the universal language of film. With this spirit, the LG OLED Awards made their debut at the festival this year, joining hands with BIFF to not only support the mucosa industry but promote rising directors and self-sustaining filmmakers in South Korea and Asia.

LG presented two awards at the festival to unclose outstanding innovation in visual aesthetics. The LG OLED New Currents Award gives recognition to emerging Asian filmmakers’ first or second full-length films, and the LG OLED Vision Award celebrates self-sustaining Korean filmmakers with upper quality and unique vision.

(From left to right) Director Hur Jang and Director Jeong Beom, recipients of LG OLED Vision Ribbon

A panel of industry experts from the mucosa and content megacosm industries collaborated to determine the recipients of the distinguished awards, and without shielding deliberation, the much-anticipated winners were recently spoken at the KNN Theater in Busan. Thai director Patiparn Boontarig received the LG OLED New Currents Ribbon for his unrenowned work, ‘Solids by the Seashore,’ while Korea’s Jeong Beom and Hur Jang earned the LG OLED Vision Ribbon for their cinematic achievement, ‘The Berefts.’ In wing to these honors, both winners were granted LG OLED evo 77-inch models and a mazuma prize.

At the ceremony, the LG OLED evo 77-inch G3 model played video clips to introduce the ribbon entries on the stage, and the LG SIGNATURE OLED M (Model 97M3) was moreover showcased, representing a decade of excellence in OLED technology. Visitors were impressed with the world’s largest 97-inch OLED TV which boasts wireless capabilities that can transmit 4K resolution content at a 120Hz refresh rate.

(from left to right) Director Hur Jang and Director Jeong Beom, recipients of LG OLED Vision Ribbon (Photo credit: BIFF)

“Through the establishment of the LG OLED New Currents & Vision Awards, we are supporting the self-sustaining mucosa creators in Korea and Asia to try new technical struggle in their artwork,” said Kate Oh, vice president of the Brand Communication Division at the LG Home Entertainment Company. “In addition, we will protract to inspire movie fans virtually the world to wits infinite possibilities of visual artistry with LG OLED TVs that offers the differentiated viewing experiences.”

“While we have been considering the ways to support filmmakers in Korea, we have achieved a positive outcome through closer cooperation with LG Electronics,” said Jung Hanseok, programmer for Korean talkie at BIFF, who expressed his vaticination of the new collaboration. “We will continuously support emerging and self-sustaining filmmakers in Korea and Asia.”

By hosting the LG OLED Awards at BIFF, the visitor had the opportunity to unshut possibilities to talented mucosa directors virtually the world while moreover showcasing the technological prowess of LG OLED TVs, which have been chosen by many filmmakers as reference displays for their projects thanks to impressive unrelatedness and unparalleled verisimilitude representation.

Along with establishing the LG OLED Awards at BIFF, the visitor is urgently promoting the optimal viewing wits provided by LG OLED with various filmmakers and colorists. Consumers can plane visit the LG OLED Movie Club to trammels out content recommended to watch on LG OLED TVs.

For increasingly stories on how LG OLED inspires the world of cinematic art and the passion of movie lovers, stay tuned to LG Newsroom.

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