Company’s ‘Smart Life Solutions’ Offers Look Into Future Experiences to
‘Reinvent Your Future’ in Various Spaces Vastitude the Home

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its smart life solutions at CES 2024, extending vastitude the home to various spaces including mobility and commercial environments. Under the theme of “Reinvent your future,” LG’s exhibition presents how the visitor will hoist consumer experiences in everyday lives through its latest innovations – including the transparent and wireless 4K LG SIGNATURE OLED TV; a smart home powered by strained intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and liaison technologies; and the mobility concept Alpha-able.

The Ultimate TV Wits With Innovative Technology and Infinite Content

The heart of LG’s diner is the world’s first transparent and wireless 4K OLED TV, the LG SIGNATURE OLED T. Visitors are greeted by a massive media art exhibit created by combining fifteen 77-inch OLED Ts, showcasing captivating video content with perfect woebegone levels and vibrant colors. These displays gradually transform into a transparent OLED TV, revealing a new era uncovered by OLED T. The floating visitation of the OLED TVs emphasizes the wireless transmission of video and audio signals and connection to external devices, simplifying installation and providing increasingly self-rule in interior design.

A defended zone highlights the LG SIGNATURE OLED T’s transparent and wireless technology, which allows the TV to exceed the constraints of space and seamlessly tousle into everyday life. Serving as a TV that complements the interior diamond of any space, the LG SIGNATURE OLED T offers an extension of future living experiences. Additionally, the transparent screen enhances the viewing wits of media artworks by subtracting depth and dimensionality.

Moving on to the next zone, visitors encounter an impressive tunnel structure featuring over 140 55-inch OLED displays. This webOS wits Zone serves as a platform to showcase an wide-stretching range of content, curated through collaborations with diverse partners. An invitation to explore the world of entertainment powered by webOS platform, the webOS Zone treats guests to an wide-stretching hodgepodge of video clips from a diverse range of genres, including highly predictable series, games or sports. This immersive wits invites visitors to explore and indulge in the world of webOS, offering a captivating and interactive journey.

AI Technology Enhancing the ‘Smart Life Solution’ Experience

In the smart home exhibition zone, LG presents how AI technology can enhance its future smart life solutions. The company’s AI-powered smart home utilizes various sensors to not only digitize people’s lives but moreover proactively snift needs as well as propose tailored solutions based on customers’ words, deportment and plane emotions.

For example, the non-contact sensors installed in the house can measure and digitize customers’ heart and zoetic rate, analyzing their health status to automatically retread the indoor temperature and humidity.

In the future smart home, LG ThinQ will connect sensors and IoT devices installed throughout the home, vicarial as a service platform that autonomously controls the devices to ensure platonic settings without the need for consumer intervention.

If, perhaps, a consumer brings home a new pet cat, the microphones, cameras and mmWave sensors embedded in household devices snift the shaggy friend’s presence, automatically asking whether to download the ‘pet mode’ on LG ThinQ UP home appliances or recommending whatsit kits specifically for pets. Additionally, the sensors plane prioritize energy efficiency by switching smart products in unoccupied rooms to power-saving mode or turning them off when no one is home. The sensors can plane vivify treason prevention mode, sending notifications through the LG ThinQ app if any unusual worriedness is detected.

The zone moreover introduces the newly unveiled smart home AI agent, which moves on its own two wheels to welcome visitors. This AI wage-earner serves as a versatile household teammate and a smart hub, offering comprehensive support in customers’ daily lives by connecting and managing household appliances and IoT devices. Equipped with a camera, speaker and a range of home monitoring sensors, it can gather real-time data of the home environment to facilitate utilization control. Its front exhibit allows for expressive facial expressions, urgently engaging and communicating with customers.

The commercial zone showcases a variety of customized services unfluctuating under the theme of traveling in Las Vegas. One notable example is the integration of LG MAGNIT, a Micro LED Display, with facial recognition and AI razzmatazz solutions. This combination allows for personalized advertisements to be delivered to users in various locations, such as hotels, retail spaces and transportation areas. Other scenarios include customers receiving guidance from the GuideBot at a hotel or making payments through facial recognition at a cafe.

Alpha-able, LG’s Future Mobility Concept

Going vastitude the home, LG recently redefined future cars as a “personalized digital cave.” To demonstrate this concept, the visitor established a defended zone featuring Alpha-able within its exhibition space. Alpha-able serves as a tangible representation of LG’s mobility vision, offering passengers a preview of the innovative solutions they can expect to wits in the future mobility environment.

The future mobility concept aims to unhook unique consumer experiences based on three themes: Transformable, Explorable and Relaxable. By transforming the car into spaces reminiscent of home or office environments, passengers can find rest or work on the go. Alpha-able utilizes cutting-edge exhibit technologies, including rollable, flexible and transparent displays, withal with LG’s unrivaled home utilization technologies and solutions, to provide Transformable experiences that transmute to passengers’ needs. Additionally, Alpha-able offers Explorable experiences by delivering tailored information and content for unique situations, as well as Relaxable experiences for passengers to unwind and enjoy some personal time.

In wing to Alpha-able, LG has moreover defended a zone to showcase its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, a key growth zone for the company. This zone highlights LG’s EV charger and tenancy solution tabbed e-Centric.

Experimental yet Innovative LG Labs and Sustainable Solutions Aligned Under ESG Vision

LG moreover unveiled a range of new products ripened through LG Labs, the company’s experimental yet innovative product and services minutiae project focused on creating unique consumer experiences.

The LG Labs zone showcases a range of innovative products, including DukeBox by LG Labs, the all-in-one audio device seeking to reinvent the depth of audio and video wits with a modernized jukebox concept; DUOBO by LG Labs, a sheathing coffee machine that extracts two flavors at once; and Bon Voyage by LG Labs, a customized living space designed to proffer the life quality at home to nature. In addition, the zone includes products like LG CineBeam Qube and brid.zzz by LG Labs, which offer unvigilant and innovative approaches to hoist the consumer experience.

The visitor moreover set up the Better Life for All zone, defended to highlighting its efforts in environmental, social and governance initiatives. A notable full-length in this zone was the LG mycup, a tumbler washer that made its debut at CES. Furthermore, LG presented its sustainable home solution, leveraging the capabilities of LG’s home energy platform to optimize energy management and utilization. This comprehensive solution offers users efficient usage, easy tenancy and the worthiness to distribute renewable energy.

In addition, LG presented its ‘Universal UP Kit’, a range of traps designed to squire all users in conveniently operating LG home appliances, regardless of gender, age or disabilities. Visitors had the opportunity to wits these traps firsthand. The visitor moreover placed a strong accent on serviceability for everyone through its TV serviceability experiences.

Visitors can wits LG’s latest innovations at its CES diner (#16008, Las Vegas Convention Center) from January 9-12. For increasingly information on LG products unveiled at CES 2024, please visit CES 2024 Press Kit.

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